10 Steps to Growth

Marketing Audit & Plan

How to link marketing campaigns with measurable pipeline growth - this remains the challenge facing most B2B technology companies.  The starting point has to be a plan built to generate measurable sales funnel. 


Use our Funnel Calculator to create a high level model of your sales pipeline.



Every business needs to take stock from time to time to appreciate what is working, identify what needs attention and prioritise its focus over 6-12 months. Our 10-point plan looks at the key building blocks for building, nurturing and converting demand, including:


  1. Brand & Messaging
  2. Content 
  3. Segmentation 
  4. Persona definition 
  5. Nurturing & retargeting 
  6. Digital ‘always on’ channels
  7. Forms and CTAs
  8. Lead & Pipeline management process
  9. Systems & MarTech audit
  10. Contact data health check


These insights can be helpful in developing clear 2021 plans.


For more on aligning Sales and Marketing around an agreed go-to-market plan,  download our eBook: the B2B Sales & Marketing Manifesto

B2B Marketing Manifesto


Taking the First Steps to Predictable Growth

In the face of unprecedented market challenges, it is important to take stock. Understanding what is working well today in Sales and Marketing, allows time and investment to be focused on addressing strategic gaps. Whether this be generating more pipeline from new business segments, acceleraing customer expansion strategies or beginning to narrow the focus onto significant key accounts (ABM) plans can only be made once a clear assessment is made of where you are today and how to close the gap to where you want to be. 


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