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Account Based Marketing (ABM):  Proving an Effective ROI

Engaging with a small number of named target accounts can be an effective way to expand opportunities in strategic customers – and penetrate ‘look-alike’ targets in the same industry, or with very similar needs.


However, while Marketing is under pressure to execute ABM programmes, it's not always clear whether expectations are realistic, what exactly the planned outcome is and even whether it can be measured. 


ITSMA, who invented the term 'Account Based Marketing' (ABM) back in 2003 have witnessed its evolution to a B2B marketing 'silver bullet' and the confusion often created by lack of clarity on what its goal is.


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growt​h

B2B TechMarketing, has for the last 10 years, had a single-minded focus on demand-led business growth  and helping you to achieve your goals by creating funnel marketing strategies that drive measurable outcomes, with meaningful KPIs.


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growth

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