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B2B Content Marketing: successfully engaging and converting buyers

Content is at the core of Marketing outreach. What we say and who we say it to; what we want them to do and how we encourage them to take action, is driven by our content. Content marketing is therefore a significant part of marketing planning.


A key outcome of a content marketing strategy will be a plan that drives content messaging. This often consists of persona definition and a messaging hierarchy, or message architecture. These are significant steps in driving keywords for search marketing


Creating a content marketing plan that supports the company brand and drives buyer engagement is a significant challenge in our always-on digital world. It needs to be approached in conjunction with digital channel and web marketing plans, and be supported by operations. Content localisation strategies need consideration, as well as content mediums which support different buyer journey stages.


B2B TechMarketing Consultants support clients with content marketing process definition and provide  best practice experience on how to consider content planning for digital first deployment


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growt​h

B2B TechMarketing, has for the last 10 years, had a single-minded focus on demand-led business growth  and helping you to achieve your goals by creating funnel marketing strategies that drive measurable outcomes, with meaningful KPIs.


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growth

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