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Optimising Digital Channels for Conversion in B2B Marketing

Maximising the benefits of the new ways in which we can reach potential buyers requires nothing less than a digital transformation in marketing execution. These new digital channels combine:


  1. The need for technical knowledge of digital platforms
  2. Content creation tailored to the platform
  3. Coordination of messaging and content across the fragmented buyers’ journey
  4. Tracking and combining of each touch point to build a picture of engagement
  5. Performance testing for conversion optimisation, and
  6. Attribution of all digital activity to business KPIs.


For the Marketing function, this requires the combination of content marketing expertise with digital skills and technical knowledge to turn engagement signals into data and insights that can be used to identify business opportunities. This requires significant leadership and project management experience.


B2B TechMarketing Consultants have supported clients with marketing process definition and provided  best practice experience, involving team members in set up of these ‘always on’ digital channels and ensuring that ways of working are documented and well communicated, with appropriate training.


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growt​h

B2B TechMarketing, has for the last 10 years, had a single-minded focus on demand-led business growth  and helping you to achieve your goals by creating funnel marketing strategies that drive measurable outcomes, with meaningful KPIs.


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Optimise digital channels and search  to generate conversions at lower CPA


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Delivering B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Measurable Pipeline Growth

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