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Marketing Automation & CRM: implement a clear lead management process

Successfully introducing a marketing automation platform (MAP) such as Marketo (Adobe), Hubspot or Eloqua (Oracle Marketing Cloud) relies on a clear understanding of the KPIs that are expected to be impacted, with targets, a clear definition of the end-to-end lead management process and significant investment in training, on-boarding and change management.


Experience shows that insufficient time and focus is spent on understanding the impact of automation on current ways of working. Marketing can often rely heavily on individual contributors to define and manage their activities, with input from others often being ad hoc and unplanned. Hence, individuals are defined by a unique role – Events Manager, Web Manager, Field Marketing – and don’t appreciate the end-to-end process that they are a part of. Often, as a result, Marketing and Sales have no formal agreement in place on how they work together to generate pipeline – and yet this is their primary purpose, with Sales being a significant internal customer of B2B Marketing.


If a MAP is introduced with a view that it is ‘only’ to create emails and landing pages. This ignores the outcome that automation is seeking to generate: more leads, opportunities and orders. The integration of marketing (MAP) with sales automation (CRM) systems is therefore significant and is defined by agreed ways of working – see ‘Lead Management Process’ services.


B2B TechMarketing Consultants have significant experience working with clients to prepare for the introduction of integrated MAP and CRM systems focused on planning the roadmap from current to future state.


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