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Preparing to Scale International Marketing Teams

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Preparing to Scale Marketing: 5 Processes You Need to Know

As companies scale and expand their geographical footprint, they introduce greater consistency in the way they operate, to optimise go-to-market processes, reduce costs and improve agility. Only those customer-facing operations that are genuinely unique to local markets for cultural, regulatory, language and similar reasons, are managed locally. A global, functional organisation is often the destination, sometime starting local and becoming regional on the way.


For Sales and Marketing, this can often mean moving from solely an identification with a local office – where they represent a handful of individuals in their function - to becoming a part of a much larger global team who are expected to operate the same way across the world. This can often be a big step for these individuals who have had a large degree of autonomy in interpreting the company goals into local execution.


For Marketing, it may be the first time that ‘Head Office’ and local marketing teams have come together to define ways of working – and this does not happen naturally. Individual contributors may not appreciate the bigger picture of how they fit into the larger organisation they have now become a part of – often because they have not had clear KPIs that tie back to the objectives of the company.


Understanding the ways of working that the company wants to adopt, how they are potentially different from local practice, how to work together within the Marketing function and cross-functionally, can require significant change management.


B2B TechMarketing Consultants have significant experience in marketing process definition and work with clients to implement best practice, involve team members in the change process and ensure that ways of working are documented and well communicated, with appropriate training.


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